Welcome to Golden Guidance by Jessica Burns; creator and author of Golden Guidance: Reflections and Affirmations of Self-Love, Faith, Healing and Growth©, and writer of the Golden Guidance Journal blog.  

I'm an entrepreneur, self-help advocate, and student of life - but most proud of my roles as Wife and Mom.  My family and "the family" as a unit is a sacred institution of itself - the evolution of my family is the product of spiritual resilience and mindful work - work executed through the intangibles of love, forgiveness, faith, dedication, and patience.  This work lead my family to acknowledge, resolve, and clear emotional trauma, release unhealthy behavior patterns, and limiting beliefs of the past.  Our work "continues" to support our individual self-awareness, growth, and sustainability of our collective relationship. 

The journey of my self-discovery runs parallel with the unfolding of my adult life. Through life's ebbs and flows, I graduated from Howard University, School of Business (cum laude), navigated Corporate America, committed to marriage since 1999 and raised two sons; while managing business ventures with husband and business partner "The Lifestyle Specialist" Kenny Burns. The processing, resolving, and healing of emotions and beliefs from childhood coupled with the roadblocks and milestones of life - now serve to underscore my current chapter

Golden Guidance book is a self-help tool and supportive prompt to journal life affirming moments of clarity, reflection, and gratitude; the spiritual resilience developed from forgiveness, acceptance, loss, grief, and the indelible lessons through overcoming obstacles.  It contains 365 pages of free-flowing passages that are intentionally not organized by date or separated by theme as words resonate uniquely with each of us. This edifying text was inspired by the personal growth and faith birthed from life's common challenges; to encourage a belief in oneself, and to empower us to access the higher power that is always available within. 

Forever grateful for the support of my work and hope that your journey of self-awareness and growth leads to the ultimate freedom of your mindbody, and spirit.

ONE love,

Jessica Burns