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Golden Guidance; intentionally created to inspire growth and faith through life’s challenges, encourage a belief in oneself, and empower us to access the higher power that is always available within.


Our lives may not be exactly where we see the vision for ourselves but make no mistake - progress is progress.

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Life happens in the now and this Journal blog reflects the processing of emotions and thoughts into words. Thank you for joining me here.

ONE love, Jessica Burns

An aligned and intentional life.

An aligned and intentional life.

Golden Guidance Journal p. 165 Life doesn’t just happen solely with our thoughts, ideas, and wishful thinking. The life we want to live is created through our intentions. Intentional living is spiritually aligned, clear, focused, and selective. #goldenguidance 🌙

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There are no limits to our evolution.

There are no limits to our evolution.

Golden Guidance Journal p. 173 Every day we are tasked with centering ourselves to be present and active in life. This centering is essential because it activates self-awareness; reminding us of the belief in ourselves and who we are - because we all experience the similar imbalance presented by relationships and external influences. Lean into the understanding that external measures don’t define our human worthiness. ...

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Who we are is the anchor of what we do.

Who we are is the anchor of what we do.

Golden Guidance Journal p. 175 When we think about who we are we tend to defer to the “roles” we live out from day to day.  The type of job we have, if we are parents or caregivers, how much money we make, the goals we achieve, the educational degrees, etc.  The truth is what we materially “do” is an extension of our spiritual selves...

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Release what is heavy.

Release what is heavy.

Golden Guidance Journal p. 176 Forgive, release and let it all go.  Some past experiences are discoloring and suppressing our potential. Reflect within to recognize that despite the painful experiences - we each possess and are a source of unlimited love & light. Know that within each of us is the power of choice.  Choose to let go of the anchors from the past -...

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Golden Guidance book is a self-help tool and supportive prompt to journal life-affirming moments of clarity, reflection, and gratitude; the spiritual resilience developed from forgiveness, acceptance, loss, grief, and the indelible lessons through overcoming obstacles. This edifying text was inspired by the personal growth and faith birthed from life's common challenges; to encourage a belief in oneself, and to empower us to access the higher power that is always available within. 

Life lessons!!!! AFFIRM!!! That Affirmation whewwww felt that in the depth of my soul!! Thank you so much for this book! I use this in my daily life.


I love this!! Last night, I was thinking about how behind I am on a personal project I'm working on, and a similar thought came to mind "Are my mind, body, and spirit all aligned and feel at peace to proceed?"


This book is a blessing.


Adding this book to the start of my day! Thank you for using & sharing your gifts with the world!


Thank you for putting language to a very similar thought process, and for also teaching me new things! Brilliant words, thoughts, and reflections. I just ordered a few more copies to give as gifts!


Spent time sinking into this amazing book of affirmations this morning! Didn't realize how much I needed these words and quiet moment this morning.


Sometimes we all need some words to help us recognize our strength, our power, our greatness. Golden Guidance provides just that! Support and spread the love!



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