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Who we are is the anchor of what we do.

Who we are is the anchor of what we do.

Golden Guidance Journal p. 175

When we think about who we are we tend to defer to the “roles” we live out from day to day.  The type of job we have, if we are parents or caregivers, how much money we make, the goals we achieve, the educational degrees, etc.  The truth is what we materially “do” is an extension of our spiritual selves and those roles do not solely define who we are.

When we allow ourselves and others to define and measure our human value by how well we perform in our roles we have reduced ourselves to a transactional level of existence.

How we choose to live out our lives is a blessing and is not to be negated as we are the creators of our lives.  Nonetheless, if the core of who we are is not filled with the love of self, security, and values that we hold - we become negatively impacted by our life’s successes and failures.

Through self-awareness, we connect to our inner self of worthiness and value that is above and beyond productivity.

We are all born to be worthy and deserving of love, respect, and dignity.  We all have the power within to create a life built on the solid foundation of love, core values, and character - enabling us to align with our inner wisdom.   A strong sense of self grounded in the truth allows us all to accept and trust the journey of ebbs and flows that divinely guide us to our unlimited potential, purpose, and power to create.

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