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There are no limits to our evolution.

There are no limits to our evolution.

Golden Guidance Journal p. 173

Every day we are tasked with centering ourselves to be present and active in life.

This centering is essential because it activates self-awareness; reminding us of the belief in ourselves and who we are - because we all experience the similar imbalance presented by relationships and external influences.

Lean into the understanding that external measures don’t define our human worthiness.  The choice of words and actions helps reveal relationship motives and intentions that expose the consequential emotional impact - removing confusion and allowing clarity.

Flow in life with self-love, grace, and clarity to disarm the negative feelings that foster unworthiness and negatively shape the belief in our evolution.

Choose to let go of the powerless emotions and beliefs - choose to be empowered to reshape and redefine ourselves and relationships that support and align with love, respect, and trust.

Accept, honor and love the duality of past experiences as necessary wisdom.  Affirm the belief in who you are and becoming - while also protecting the process of our growth from the manipulation, judgment, or disruption by others.

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