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Golden Guidance Daily Inspiration [230]

Golden Guidance Daily Inspiration [230]

We often allow what is going wrong, our challenges, and the judgments of others to dominate our thoughts that inadvertently misguide our words and actions.

Although we have our challenges,  understand that a life lived in the space of doubt, worry, struggle, and fear isn’t living life at all.

Our perspectives and how we choose to process and reflect on our experiences will determine if we are in alignment or not.

To be aligned is to be in the present moment, to be open and aware of how we feel, and to trust that all is and will be well.

As unique beings, our flow, ease, and vibe can only come from within ourselves.  No one can provide our emotional status to choose how we perceive our life experiences or give us the energy necessary to connect with our ancestors or divine guidance.

Good or bad, all that is happening to us is for our evolution toward the highest version of ourselves.

Accepting our experiences, processing the lessons, and trusting ourselves to do better because we know better creates the energy to remain in alignment, maintain our flow, and fully live life.

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