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Golden Guidance Daily Inspiration [232]

Golden Guidance Daily Inspiration [232]

Our emotions inform us of everything we need to know.  How we choose to reflect, process and respond to our emotional triggers determines if we are ready to confront our realities and heal.

We must give ourselves love, compassion, and patience in our healing process because working through heavy emotions requires us to face the unpleasant patterns and experiences from our past.

Remain in faith despite feeling emotionally and physically drained as this acknowledgment of the heaviness from the past is necessary to release and begin anew.

Our healing will require us to choose ourselves with self-love and care of our mind, body, and spirit.

With our intentions toward healing, we can access all the tools that support our spiritual and emotional growth.

Pray, rest, hydrate, and be selective on every physical level.  What once was most triggering can now be met in the present moment with a renewed perspective that is now a building block on our life’s journey.

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