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Golden Guidance Daily Inspiration [236]

Golden Guidance Daily Inspiration [236]

Developing and embodying self-awareness, pride, strength, courage, and high self-esteem are essential to actualizing the life we see for ourselves.  Believing in ourselves is the only way to move forward to create each chapter in our lives.

In addition to our self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love, we must pay as much attention to seeing ourselves separate from our single view perspective.

Everything is connected; experiences, energy, ebbs, and flows all intersect in the duality of our life.  Awareness and acceptance of our ups and, equally important, our downs allow the space for clarity, healing, and growth.  Acknowledging and accepting another view helps to affirm that we can faithfully trust our journey.

Be mindful to reflect, assess and know when life is calling us to pivot and redirect our energies.  We can’t hold the responsibility of our life in the hands of others, and having only a single perspective can limit our vision and misguide our path to push against what we can’t change.

God [spirit of life] didn't design for us to have every experience be in our perceived favor.  Be open, compassionate, and kind enough to ourselves to recognize the opportunities to redirect, take pause and ask ourselves why we keep pushing toward the direction of a dead-end and not tapping into the signs that lead us to the place beyond our limitations.

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