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Golden Guidance Daily Inspiration - November 5th

Golden Guidance Daily Inspiration - November 5th

There is something to be said about those that are genuinely supportive, happy and give the energy of love to others when overcoming obstacles, reaching goals, or achieving success. 

They have done their self-love inner work, accept who and where they are in life [chosen path], and also allow the wins of others to be a beacon of inspiration, encouragement, and motivation. 

People can’t give others what they don’t have within themselves.  Love offers love as misery wants the company of more misery. 

Choose not to take that lack of support personally but instead show gratitude for the blessings from our choices and inner work.  

Give thanks for the continued support for ourselves and those with inner struggles to be blessed with discernment to make choices in people, places, and opportunities that align with the evolution of our mind, body, and spirit.  

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