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Choose to believe.

Choose to believe.

Golden Guidance journal (p. 204)

The encouragement and support received from others will always benefit the momentum of our vision and realized goals.  However, understand that the essential driving force for everything we hope to manifest resides in the alignment with our inner vision and intention.

The ebbs & flows of life present moments when some will not agree, understand or believe in our dreams or that we have the potential to make them real.   While we should be open to receiving advice be mindful to discern between judgment and aligned guidance.

Unfortunately, those we share our inner visions with sometimes “subconsciously project” their fears and limitations through their feedback of energy, words, and actions.  Wisely navigate the mental and emotional processing of this feedback, as it can vibrationally interfere with and be a “dream killer” of what we are trying to accomplish. 

We are all worthy to create and live the life we see for ourselves, not because of privilege but because of what we hold within our hearts - everything is possible when we choose to remain rooted in the love, faith, and belief within.

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