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Resurrect through spirit.

Resurrect through spirit.

Golden Guidance Journal (p. 203)

Everything we manifest in life begins with a thought and the belief in that thought - creating the energy that guides our actions to create and materialize.

What can never be removed from the essence of ourselves is the power source we have within that allows us to rebuild what we have lost again and again.

Our physical possessions gained throughout our life journey can be quickly removed by way of unforeseen events or by way of our inner spirit unconsciously drawing in that circumstance for our growth.

Regardless of the material losses, the spiritual life force we have within can always rise above any circumstance that comes our way.

Always honor the spirit, character, and person within - it will always be this center we will return to in the face of every trial and tribulation.

It will be forever our spirit and willpower within to resurrect anything that has been taken away or fallen in and around us.

Happy Resurrection Sunday 🌅

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