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Daily Inspiration - August 23, 2021

Daily Inspiration - August 23, 2021

So we want to change for a better life, relationships, finances, etc. but choose to continue the same behavioral patterns of reactions and choices. The common denominator is ourselves.

Our present mirrors our past choices, and we have to take ownership of the life we create. The blessing is that at any moment, we can make a different choice and respond differently than we have in the past. There is an old-school saying of “get out of your own way,” and it wasn’t until I lived enough life and wanted more that I realized what that meant.

Understand we have life energy to grow and evolve. The higher version of ourselves exists within; however, we can’t liberate that part until our actions align with our spirit to manifest the new reality we want.

Change is possible, and we are the only ones responsible and capable of living the vision we see for ourselves.

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