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Daily Inspiration - August 24, 2021

Daily Inspiration - August 24, 2021

There’s a distinct difference between having compassion, empathy, and genuine support and the cycle of feeling sorry >> victim pleasing >> enabling>> blaming.

Unpacking and identifying the clouded emotions of this all takes emotional grounding and unemotional clarity.

Let’s first state that there are no victims because we all possess the ability to grow through and redirect our lives. Yes, life can beat down on us and those we love and care for heavily; however, there is a slippery space between what life gives us in challenges and those that support us. Enabling occurs when we provide more support than necessary. The receiver becomes too dependent on that support so much that it hinders their growth and removes the accountability of their choices.

We should never ask others for what we can do for ourselves and vice versa. Without this understanding, we inadvertently create unhealthy relationships with no boundaries, co-dependency, and blame.

In this life, our experiences are all a part of our unique journey that we can not cheat. When we do our inner work and learn the lesson, we activate our inner power of courage, self-love, patience, and pride and are elevated toward our higher selves to maintain our blessed state of mind and create our lives.

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