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Divine order is always in motion.

Divine order is always in motion.

All experiences shape our beliefs and perceptions of who we are in the world. Life provides the highs and lows that affirm and challenge the construct of our being.

The emotions and memories from our past experiences are powerful. These feelings can anchor and suppress how we live or they can teach and expand our consciousness. Through free will, we position our journey by how we choose to work with and process our experiences.

Divine order is always in motion - working to bring us closer to our fullest potential. Our losses and mistakes create the inner pain and discomfort necessary to spark thought and reflection - alerting us to realign our inner and outer selves.

Spiritual law always works in response to our energy, words, and actions with the purpose to guide us forward.

Be empowered to maximize the β€œL” through acceptance, forgiveness, and learning or in denial; ignoring the experience and remaining stuck within the unresolved emotions from the past. #goldenguidance πŸŒ™

Golden Guidance πŸ“–
[journal 215]

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