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What we want to manifest begins within.

What we want to manifest begins within.

Every day we are blessed with the opportunity to build the life we see for ourselves.

Through our wins and losses, we are consistently provided information that reaffirms, teaches, and alerts what direction our lives are headed - as each choice impacts the very next.

The divine order of our journey is connected to not only what occurs materially in life but also to our highest and inner self.   

What is essential to creating our life is how we align our vision with all the ebbs and flows of our lived experiences.

All manifestations begin within.  Within each of us resides the core of who we are - our values, character, beliefs, and most of all the intentions behind our vision.

Allow the foundation of our inner self to serve as solid ground for our material goals - what we create is a reflection of who we are.

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[journal p. 216]

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