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Faith over fear  [227]

Faith over fear [227]

The ebbs and flows of life are consistent reminders of the duality of our emotional energy.  We are happy or sad, excited or angry, faith-filled or worried.

 While every emotion is real and needs to be acknowledged, felt, and processed, allowing ourselves to be still, set our intentions, and be the masters of our mind, body, and spirit are of the utmost importance.

When Navigating our way through life and the emotions that come with it, we must meet each experience with the intention of faith, love, and gratitude—allowing us to create and draw in the supportive energy required to expand and support our needs.

Being intentional allows us to focus and elevate or vibe to the level of the solutions and avoid splitting our energy with confusion.  We all have the power to balance our emotional scales to move us forward, meet life in the present moment, and open the doorway of resolve, solutions, and peace.

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