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Golden Guidance Daily Inspiration - November 12th

Golden Guidance Daily Inspiration - November 12th

Our relationships create bonds that build and grow from shared experiences.  These bonds are what connect us energetically and become a part of who we are. 

When our connections to each other are severed due to a permanent loss of life or the repeated breakdown from mistrust, disappointment, and the lack of love and respect, the pain runs and cuts us deep.  

Wanting to avoid our pain is human nature which is why we often stay too long in unhealthy relationships or compartmentalize the passing of our loved ones.  

Grief is often more associated with the physical transition of our physical bodies; however, this grief process also applies to those relationships that were intertwined with our spirit that no longer exist and serve the well-being of our mind, body, and soul. 

Allowing ourselves to grieve helps us release the emotions that emotionally and mentally paralyze us; let go and be receptive to new experiences and relationships life has for us.  With the death of any kind, there is always life after.

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