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Golden Guidance Daily Inspiration - November 11th

Golden Guidance Daily Inspiration - November 11th

How we choose to act, speak and engage with each other provides every solid piece of information necessary to determine our true feelings.

Yes, we will all have disappointments, misunderstandings, and disagreements.  Knowing if these behaviors are patterns with underlying issues or occasional mishaps is critical information in knowing when to give grace and patience or let the relationship go.

Our actions and words speak our truth because what is in our mind and spirit always gets revealed through our actions and words.

Although overly heightened emotions are temporary, those reveal a build-up of deep-rooted feelings, and at that moment, we can’t reverse the underlying truth in those traumatic reactions.

Growth is an individual process that requires our love, forgiveness, and patience for ourselves and others. However, we will forever need to discern without judgment the reality of our relationships and acknowledge if our emotions are being consistently drained or consistently uplifted.

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