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Golden Guidance Daily Inspiration - November 18th

Golden Guidance Daily Inspiration - November 18th

Our differences make life special through the many ways we uniquely show up in the world.

Without our individuality, we wouldn't fully experience the life God intended through all the displays of innovation, creativity, humanity, culture, religion, etc., and we can always be inspired by, celebrate and appreciate the contributions of others without envy because we all possess a unique light within.

Our light is the spirit that contains our unlimited potential and talents.  Be self-aware to know when others use their energy, words, and action to discredit, suppress, and use our light for their control, exploitation, and benefit.

God’s work is revealed through all of us on every level of our senses.

Be empowered with courage, faith, patience, and trust to follow our inner light to reach our fullest potential, knowing that everything we need to succeed is within.

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