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Learning from our relationships.

Learning from our relationships.

Golden Guidance  p. 184

How we show up for each other through our energy, words, and actions define the level at which we honor our relationships.

How we choose to use our energy, words, and actions provide necessary data for the discernment of relationship clarity - do the energy, words, and actions we offer each other consistently align?

When our energy, words, and actions are not aligned and not in harmony, this informs us of not only how others feel about the relationship but also provides internal signals that need acknowledgment.

Use these cues of intuition and feelings as prompts to ask ourselves if we are engaged in relationships that are best for our well-being or are we managing them appropriately.

Perhaps we are in relationships that have run their course or are unbalanced but our emotions believe we need them - instead of trusting the inner wisdom of our spirit.  We can’t always blame others for how they treat us when we too aren’t aligned with our inner spirit and behaviors.

Be mindful of the patterns - our own {self-awareness} and others.  They inform us of everything we need to know, understand and learn.   

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