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Our journeys are unique and divine [224]

Our journeys are unique and divine [224]

We are all here to live the highest of ourselves.  At the same time, we all have unique experiences that uniquely impact and shape who we are, our learned behaviors, and what we believe.

How we individually see the world is through the lenses of what we experienced from childhood to the present.

We’re all 1 of 1 and not the same; therefore, the unfolding of our journey is individually assigned and is a reflection of who we are.

Although we experience life with others that give us the range of emotions through challenges and harmony, our healing and growth only occur through our free will of choices, responses, and reactions.

How others define growth and the healing process only applies to that single vantage point.

Choosing to be led by our intuition, soul guidance, and learning from our lived experiences provide the specific needs precisely for our healing, growth, and overall human experience.

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