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Remain open to receive.

Remain open to receive.

The universe and divine wisdom are in constant communication with our inner spirit.

Due to the programming received from childhood influences, education, society, and media - we’ve developed a subconscious bias and belief that guidance can only arrive from someone or an entity that fits a visual presentation or “ideal image.” There is also the belief that divine messages are only to provide us with antidotes of praise or to comfort our ego - lacking constructive criticism and reflective insight essential for our growth.

Everything is energy and everything is vibrating at a frequency that is either in tune and in flow with our energy or not. Be brave enough to follow your intuition and be open to receiving the answers and clarity being asked for. Trust the energy of the spirit over the constraints of perception.

When the words resonate - there is a message to be received.

Golden Guidance Journal p. 202

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