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Rise to the level of the solution.

Rise to the level of the solution.

Learning to remain calm and centered amid challenges, disappointments, and unexpected change takes intentional practice with patience.

This practice to remain grounded in our faith and inner vision materializes when we activate our internal resources of self-love, patience, acceptance, grace, and overall trust in our own process.

Trusting the process charges us to remind ourselves that our journey is unique. Our path is our sole responsibility and the choices we make will add or subtract to progress.

Breathe and be empowered during the obstacles of change. It is this stabilizing energy of our faith and resilience that allows us to receive, integrate and activate the lessons into solutions.

While it’s easy to lose control - abandoning ourselves gives away our power to the hopeless cycle of chaos and confusion.

In self-awareness, be empowered with the light held within. We all have the guiding wisdom to shift our vibe allowing us to grow through the challenges and confidently land on the next level.

Golden Guidance Journal p. 202

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