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The need for self-help advocacy.

The need for self-help advocacy.

We live in a society that focuses on outward appearances, achievements, and material possessions as the overarching benchmark of success and happiness.  As we are steadily checking our obtained goals off the list, we have also understood that none of this guarantees joy, inner peace, and freedom of mind, body, and spirit.

Beyond organized religion, more and more information on the methods and tools to support our spiritual and mental health are now available to the masses through many forms.

We don’t need to stop pursuing the mastery of our skills and reach goals; however, it’s imperative we also choose to be our self-help advocates.

We don’t become people with inner peace, happiness, and joy solely through outward actions.  We must be disciplined to create the time and space to reflect, learn, integrate the lessons and grow.  The power of our evolution gives us the understanding that what we build within is a foundation to go after our goals intentionally without fear and confusion but with confidence and clarity.

[Golden Guidance 📖 journal 218]

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