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Defining our relationships. [journal 217]

Defining our relationships. [journal 217]

The nature of our relationships and the needs to be met vary based on the level of communication, trust, respect, reciprocation, honestly, and love. Time and experience reveal that sometimes our relationships are based on tangible and intangible gains. They can be professional, personal, transactional, or a combination.

Through each experience, our emotional connections build and provide the foundation within our interactions. However, these emotional attachments can sometimes cloud our discernment to recognize the behavior patterns others show us when there is something for them to receive [emotional or material] vs. when there is not.

Pay attention to who shows up for you when there isnโ€™t anything to give but time and space. Pay attention to the direction of time, energy, and resources that flow within the relationship.

Not every relationship will be spiritually aligned and holistic; however, once we settle our unresolved emotions, we are empowered to create the necessary boundaries and appropriately define the relationship with the essential love and respect for ourselves.

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