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Rising above our challenges [journal 220]

Rising above our challenges [journal 220]

We all have dreams of the life we want to live and who we want to be in the world.  Our visions and goals are achievable; however, some of us may have more obstacles to work through than others to reach our desired state of being.  Ultimately, it is becoming aware of who we are, accepting our flaws and attributes, that we can create actionable change through the change of our self-awareness and perspective. 

We all come into this world with unique upbringings that impress upon our choices and how we process life.  Our surroundings can subconsciously program what we believe is possible or keep us in a state of lack, hopelessness, and undesired cyclical experiences.  We can acknowledge what we see in our environment but also have faith and belief that our circumstances can change.  

Life reveals the areas that require us to grow and simultaneously affirm our development when we move through challenges, create lasting change, and manifest our goals.  This intersection of the material change we make and our inner spiritual and mental desires is where endless possibilities live and are created.  

Sinking our energy, thoughts, words, and actions to the level of the people, places, and circumstances removes our power to create the inner change necessary to achieve our desired outcomes.  

Choosing to align our faith, firmest beliefs, values, and aspirations with our thoughts, words, and actions allows for the separation and release of what no longer serves our evolution and opens the gateway to attract, grow, reshape the life we see for ourselves.  #goldenguidance 🌙

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