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Our actions create the real change.

Our actions create the real change.

[Journal 221] Our lives are created through a series of thoughts, words, and actions, and God has provided us all the free will to exist how we choose.  

As we all know, life will provide us with consistent change and challenges to process, accept and move through.  And the process, acceptance, and ability to move through are only possible through recognizing each other's truth without blame and judgment but with honesty, accountability and forgiveness. 

It is evidenced in our daily interactions how effortless it is to mentally create a narrative as the excuse to mistreat and manipulate each other through our words and actions; however, we are solely responsible for the choices we make and exclusively held accountable for our choices.  It is Universal law that what we say and do will eventually be given back. 

Be in the world and not the world and be the change you wish to see in others.  Our actions affirm and clarify the truth of everything; we can live in the cycle of disillusion of thoughts or the reality of acceptance, change, and growth.

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