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Daily Inspiration - August 25, 2021

Daily Inspiration - August 25, 2021

It is easy to unconsciously react instead of thoughtfully responding.

The irony of reacting is that although it is an easy, quick way to feel like we are using our power, it leads to a broken connection of mistrust and resentment because of the words and energy exchanged. We all want inner peace and love in our relationships but don’t always act on those attributes due to the actions or words of others.

Boundaries of how we choose to use our words, thoughts, and actions do the necessary and heavy lifting to maintain balance, peace, and clarity and most of all teach others how to respectfully communicate through what we allow and give.

We can choose to lower ourselves into a never-ending cycle of negative words, thoughts, and actions or ground ourselves in our true power of self-control, respect, love, and peace.

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