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Golden Guidance Daily Inspiration - November 10th

Golden Guidance Daily Inspiration - November 10th

The signs are always there; whether we choose to pay attention to them is up to us.

As spiritual beings having human experiences, life will provide various means of feedback to teach, confirm and guide.  All of this feedback in the form of perceived coincidences, random events, or something said by a stranger allows us to discover more and more of who we are and shape us to our higher selves.

When we enter this world, it is our birthright to have a life filled with love, inner peace, and our unique version of success.  Honoring who we are, allows us to trust ourselves while on our path, even during our highest and lowest moments, because “everything that is happening to us is happening for us.” [Oprah]

Life will continue to provide constant change, and simultaneously, we can remain in faith, feel secure, and trust that God will show up all the time.

Align within, acknowledge the signs and allow our intuition to discern and clarify our choices to order our steps.  Embrace, accept and trust that what we need will always be provided divinely within.

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