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Our lessons create inner change

Our lessons create inner change

[journal 222]

When we experience failure, disappointment, or challenges that we are responsible for, our acceptance and accountability for our actions lead to our growth and change.

We’re all works in progress, and perfection lies only within our humanity that we all equally deserve inner peace, love, and happiness.  We activate toward the path to inner peace, love, and happiness through our own free will of choices, integrating our lessons, advocating and supporting ourselves that is essential to create the lives we visualize for ourselves.

We can choose to remain stuck within our faults and abandon ourselves or have the courage to face our choices and love ourselves through the uncomfortable.

There is a rainbow after the rain; accepting our experiences allows us to shed the past emotional layers, heal, let go of what no longers serve our life, and grow.  #goldenguidance 🌙

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